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January 17, 2020

I was visiting just when the olive harvest was underway last October. Cantina Mazzola in Le Marche has a frantoio, an olive centrifuge (the successor to the press), which is also used by local growers. While the cars with crates of olives drove back and forth and the intense green oil ran out of the machine, I tasted the wines from the small organic company. They didn't lie about it. Manuel Giobbi makes very intense drinks from the region's own grape varieties, including the lacrima di Morro d'Alba, an abrasive tough blue, which gives a healthy wine that is excellent for detoxification - if you believe in it. I like him best when he is joined by other varieties, such as the Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Giobbi already does this in a very old vineyard, the Bandita. The resulting wine is rock solid and has received all kinds of awards, from the Gambero Rosso to the Vinitaly. Very intense and made entirely "on the fruit", without ripening in oak. The power of the lacrima balanced by the elegance of the other grapes: beautiful.

Mazzola Bandita 2015, Marche Rosso, € 19.95

Price / quality 8+

Onno Klein - Article Volkskrant


Recently we have been able to organize wine tours to the Le Marche area in collaboration with Ca'Palazzo. This also for groups. You can, if you wish for your own group, complete your journey to your liking and determine the duration yourself. So there was again on October 18 last. a wine tour organized in the presence of Onno Klein. Onno Kleyn is a culinary and wine writer, for De Volkskrant and of the Culinair Compendium De Grote Kleyn, which was published in 2017.

In more than 1000 pages, he describes the many aspects of the culinary world. Taste, smell and therefore tasting is the ultimate pleasure. And as Onno states: more pleasure through knowledge! Onno's new book was published in May 2019 with the title 'Italy, my stories and recipes'. Of course, during that trip, cooking was done from one of his books. In the truffle weekend of the municipality of Pergola in October, Onno takes you every year to the culinary world around Ca'Palazzo in Le Marche (Italia). In De Grote Kleyn, many pages have already been devoted to truffles, as well as to wine, Italian cuisine and taste & smell. But Onno knows, as we have experienced in previous editions, much more about it. As a living, vibrant culi-encyclopedia, he will teach you everything about the background of the food and wine.

During these trips one of our wine suppliers is also visited for a tasting where you will be explained in detail how the production of the wines is achieved. We also visit a pasta factory and you can experience how the pasta is made. In short, a journey with watching, tasting and enjoying and you stay at the beautifully situated luxury borgo Ca'Palazzo.