From left to the right Bert, Sandra, Claudia and Arthur



We started together with Nostro Vino in October 2018 

Because of our passion for Italy, where we stay for at least a month every year, we have got to know the Marche region well. The hospitality, sincerity and modesty of these people really appeals to us and of course their pure cuisine and excellent wines. We visited the Cantine Aperte a number of times, a recurring event that takes place annually around the end of May, during which the wineries open up for a tasting. In this way we came into contact with various winemakers who cultivate their grapes with passion and often organically.

It was a shame, we thought, that these quality wines are not yet known and for sale in the Netherlands. The deciding factor to bring these wines to the Netherlands was ultimately a local winegrower who approached us at a gas station asking if we liked wine and if we wanted to visit his vineyard for a tasting.

After a conversation with one of the owners Stefano Dezi and consultation with our friends Bert and Sandra, we decided to specialize in wines from small winemakers, who produce their products in a responsible and often organic way. They do this, for example, by planting the vines closer to each other so that much less fertilizer is required per hectare. Another important characteristic is that with a less sweet grape harvest a third bunch of grapes is added to achieve the correct sweet content. In this way no artificial substances are needed to achieve the right result.

We are convinced that after tasting our wines you will be just as enthusiastic as we are!

Cin cin e cari saluti