From today March 22, 2023 we present our new logo of Nostro Vino.

Just received a message   from one of our suppliers Guerrieri.

In Luca Maroni's List of the Best Italian Wines 2022, we have received 99 points for the new 2018 vintage of Guerriero della Terra and 98 points for the new vintage 2019 of Guerriero del Mare. Guerriero bianco and Guerriero nero both got 95 points. All other wines achieved more than 92 points.

We even received the results of the International Wine Challenge competition of London, where we received a silver medal with our Guerriero del Mare 2019, 4 bronze medal with Guerriero Bianco 2019, Guerriero Nero 2019, Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese 2020, Bianchello del Metauro 2020 and 3 Commended awards for the rest of the wines.

At the Vinitaly International Wine Guide 2021 we won the 5 Stars Awards with Celso 2020 and Guerriero Nero 2019.

Our Robbione from Terre Serrapetrona and the Sangvineto from Mazzola have been rated by Harold Hamersma and are rated in "De Grote Hamersma" with a 9. A wonderful proof of a wine of high quality.

We are proud to inform You that also this Year Robbione DOC got the Award from the prestigious  Merano selection. __
Robbione  is produced following an ancient tradition by natural appassimento ( drying ) as Roman finds confirmed.
Terre di Serrapetrona lies on the steep hills from the Sibillini Mountains to
 the Adriatic Sea, in Marche. Our purpose is bringing
back to great 
value the Vernaccia Nera, an old and precious grape variety, cultivated in this narrow strip of land. Under the property
of the 
Graidi Family, the winery aims at achieving maximum quality whilst keeping within tradition.

January 17, 2020

Nice article in the Volkskrant about winery Mazzola in Le Marche by Onno Kleyn in which he describes the Bandita wine. This beautiful wine is only available in the Netherlands at Nostro Vino




A wine that stands like a house
January 17, 2020

I was visiting just when the olive harvest was underway last October. Cantina Mazzola in Le Marche has a frantoio, an olive centrifuge (the successor to the press), which is also used by local growers. While the cars with crates drove olives back and forth and the intensely green oil ran out of the machine, I tasted the wines from the small organic company. They don't lie. Manuel Giobbi makes very intense drinks from the region's own grape varieties, including the lacrima di Morro d’Alba, an abrasive tough blue, which gives you a healthy wine that you can use to detox - if you believe in it. I like it the most when he gets company of other varieties, such as sangiovese and montepulciano. Giobbi already does this merging in a very old vineyard, the Bandita. The resulting wine stands like a house and therefore received all sorts of awards, from the Gambero Rosso to the Vinitaly. Very intense and made entirely "on the fruit", without maturing in oak. The power of the lacrima balanced by the elegance of the other grapes: beautiful.



Mazzola Bandita 2015, Marche Rosso, € 19,95

Prijs/kwaliteit 8+


December 16, 2019

Last Saturday I did a nice tasting at the mill "de Otter" in Amsterdam in collaboration with Ca'Palazzo.

The mill was also put into operation and those present were given a tour of the working sawmill.

Friday, January 10 open evening and New Year's drink Vondelpark! (Italian trial lessons and much more!)
Nostro Vino will also be present for a tasting of some wines from Le Marche.

No need to enroll, just pass by Tweede Schinkelstraat 26 between 17:00 and 21:00 o clock!
For more information, visit:

A message from Ca'Palazzo, where we will be present. It is free walk-in and of course everyone is welcome to get acquainted with a selection from our wine range.
It is held in the sawmill "de Otter", Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 78A, 1052VK Amsterdam



Ca'Palazzo drink Saturday 14 December 2 to 6 pm.

If you have been to Ca'Palazzo and have delicacies put on transport, you can come and collect them. We tasted at Cantina Frantoio Mazzola and of course there was also bought. Nostro Vino will also be present on Saturday to taste some of the top wines that are still unknown to us. So even if you just want to enjoy your stay in advance on your 2020 holiday or if you want to orient yourself on that, come and visit the De Otter mill in Amsterdam. We have another great program for next year. Onno Kleyn (of course the truffle week, but also a writing course in 2020) and René Zanderink Natural Travel will in any case be present. Of course I can tell you everything about the cycling program with, among other things, cycling in Italy and Pro4mance & Eric van den Bogaard and the creative weeks with Annette Wessels. On Sunday I will be at Maroeska Metz, because we will also have a wonderful culinary week with her.
As long as the weather allows it, the mill will turn and be visible.

From December 2019, some of our wines will be on the Kunstplaza Schurer map in Assen.

Here one can, while enjoying one of our wines, enjoy beautiful art in a very cozy environment.

A nice message from one of our cantinas from Italy. A very nice success for Mazzola:

We are proud to announce you that Mazzola wines at the first participation on Gambero Rosso wines guide, we are awarded with 2 glasses on Glarus, Sangvineto and Bandita!

Note: More about the wine tasting on January 10, 2020. This will be held at the Taalhuis Amsterdam

Our tasting on October 5 last was a great success. Many people have been able to taste our wines. On request we will now hold a tasting every six months at the "Dok du Nord" location in Amsterdam

This offer applies during our wine tasting on Saturday, October 5, 2019

18 september 2019. This wine can also be tasted at our tasting. 

23 augustus 2019. 

2 augustus 2019

Once again our supplier Terra di Serrapetrona has also received the prize this year from Touring Club Italiano - Vini Buoni d'Italia with its "Robione" wine. This prize was awarded by both the professional jury and by wine enthusiasts. Congratulations.

1 juli 2019

In recent weeks we have visited our famous local winemakers again in Le Marche. View the cantinas, admire vineyards and see the entire process of how these fantastic wines are made. The main objective was to find a supplier that makes organic wines that fit into our range. We found this at Cantina Mazzola, lying on the beautiful hills of Scapezzano, just 3 km from the town of Senigallia. Highly recommended and an excellent addition to our existing and now wide range of Le Marche wines. They can be found and ordered on our website.

4 april 2019

Dezi's cantina is also regularly awarded for their quality wines

3 april 2019 Terra di Serrapetrona

Just a message from Italy from one of our suppliers.

Sunday March, 30, 2019 we have received the prizes for Robbione, Collequanto and Sommo by Vinibuoni d'Italia , Touring Club Italiano. Dr Sandr Giuliodoro, our agronom, attended the cerimony.

7 maart 2019 Terra di Serrapetrona

We wish to inform you that last week the Robbione 2012 the Gold Medal and the Collequanto 2014 the Silver Medal recieved  from Terre di Serrapetrona in Mundus Vini competition from Prowein Dusseldorf 

9 februari 2019 Terra di Serrapetrona

Produced traditionally by Terre di Serrapetrona in two versions ROBBIONE with the ancient method of appendix (drying) and COLLEQUANTO that we consider the direct expression of this autochthonous grape.
The CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards) is the biggest & most prestigious wine & spirits competition in China. ALL 100 the Judges are carefully selected for being the top BUYERS or wines and spirits for this market and are importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers. Wines and spirits enter from 55 countries and are "blind tasted".
Good Job guys, thanks to all our team.

Luigi Giusti
In America, the Bolla Rosa of the winery Luigi Giusti has stood out for its excellent quality. This spumante has received an honorable mention in an American wine magazine.
Because of this recognition, he was given during the meeting of President Obama and President Putin, which was a crown on the work for this winery.