Nostro Vino supplies wines from the Le Marche region. We have chosen a number of cantina's that grow their grapes in a responsible manner. For example, they plant the vines closer together, which means that considerably less land is used. As fertilizer, grasses are grown between the rows of sticks that, if it is long enough, are mowed. The cut grass is left to lie and this serves as fertilizer for the soil. The grass is allowed to grow higher around the poles as protection against the bright sun. This not only benefits the environment but is also immediately recognizable in the taste and quality of the wine.

The cantina's are from local winemakers who produce excellent quality wine with a lot of love and passion for the profession, which clearly distinguishes them from many other wine producers. 

We supply to Horeca, specialist retailers and private individuals. 

Our wines are coming from the cantina's of Luigi Giusti, Mazzola, Dezi, Mattei, Filodivino, Piano di Rustano, Conventino, Piantate Lunghe, Torre del Nano, Guerrieri, Ciu Ciu, Villa Ligi, Mezzanotte en Terre di Serrapetrona