The Fontenuove from Mazzola


The Verdicchio of the sea

100% Verdicchio

Our Verdicchio vineyard is located just 1000 meters from the Adriatic coast.

The soil, where our vineyards are rooted, is typically clayey.

Fontenuovo tells the great strength of Verdicchio, its typical structure and longevity on these difficult soils and mitigated by the sea.

Thanks to a long maceration in the Ganimede winemaker we are able to fully grasp this strength.

Our winemaking method is completed with temperature-controlled fermentation with indigenous yeasts. The long bâtonnages on fine lees enrich the identity of a Verdicchio of great pleasure and drinkability, which therefore finds a new dimension of quality.

A long aging in the cellar and then in the bottle gives our font new great complexity and balance in a bouquet rich in shades of sea and land, strength and longevity.

12 month is inox and 123 moth in the bottle