The Glarus from Mazzola

Awarded a 9

Obtained from organic grapes and vinified naturally by spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeasts, without clarification and filtering.

GlaRus is our natural organic wine, the maximum expression of our 100% Verdicchio with the scents of the sea.

Our Verdicchio vineyard is located just 1000 meters from the Adriatic coast. A gentle breeze blows continuously on the vineyard bringing the scents of the sea directly on our bunches. Here is the most important component of our Verdicchio and we wanted to enhance it.

Thanks to the wine maker Ganimede we are able to fully grasp all the aromaticity that the sea breeze gives to our grapes.

GlaRus was born for this.

Our winemaking method is completed with temperature-controlled fermentation with indigenous yeasts. The long bâtonnages on fine lees enrich the identity of a Verdicchio which therefore finds a new dimension of quality.

The scents of the sea, of rocks, this brackish flavor, and then lots of ripe yellow fleshed fruit, the aromas of the aromatic herbs of the coast are the intrinsic characteristics of our whites. It is also the classic structure and acidity of Verdicchio that allow you to obtain an important wine, capable of evolving for many years without losing freshness, acquiring greater complexity and balance over time in a complex bouquet of sea and land.

Brief cold maceration with fermenters Ganymede, fermentation in stainless steel at acontrolled temperature to about 20 days. Indigenous yeasts.4 month in inox with continious batonnage. After tha period 4 moths in the bottle.

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