The Bolla Rosa from Giusti

Our bestseller

Our rosé sparkling wine comes from the Lacrima vineyard which is located right in front of the Montignano winery with a surface of 2.50 hectares dedicated specifically to the production of our rosé wines.

100% Morro d'Alba's

Two harvests are carried out in succession, in the period from the beginning of September onwards, with selection of the bunches according to the degree of maturation and collection of the grapes in boxes.

The must, in the sparkling version, does not remain in contact with the marc in maceration, but derives exclusively from the soft direct pressing. The "still" version of this wine is our PINK SOUL , product sold entirely on the French market. From the soft pressing of the Lacrima grapes, only "fior must" is obtained  which is immediately sent to fermentation at controlled temperature in steel tanks, with a short final permanence on the fine lees. We use the long Charmat or Martinotti method with permanence in foam for 4 months.

Nice to know: This wine was used in the "White House" during the meeting between Obama and otherheads of government. A highlight among this wine.