The Vernaccianera Sec di Serrapetrona


Unique . This red sparkling wine, which we produce in both dry and sweet varieties, is the only one in the world produced with triple fermentation. The grapes are in fact vinified:
1. immediately after harvest
2. at the end of the drying process
3. in an autoclave for secondary fermentation.
The specification provides for a minimum use of 40% drying grapes, but in our case the percentage is always greater than 50.
In the distant past, the third fermentation took place spontaneously in the bottle, with the rise in temperatures in spring, and the wine, more or less lively, was pleasant on the palate. Today the process has been modernized and systematized thanks to the Martinotti method, provided in the DOCG specifications. Precisely because of its uniqueness, producers are working to ensure that it is valorized, through the recognition of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

ruby red with violet reflections, persistent perlage. Intense wine-like notes of fresh red fruit and clove spices. Pleasantly sweet, soft, fruity and savory.